Purpose of web hosting panel

The purpose of web hosting control panel is to manage customers websites and hosting services provided by a web hosting service providers.

It mostly includes following modules to manage

  • Web server (e.g. Apache Server, NGINX, IIS)
  • Log Viewer
  • Backup Configurations
  • Manage DNS
  • Mail server (SMTP, Sendmail) and spam filter (DKIM, SPF)
  • FTP server
  • Database (MySQL , MariaDB)
  • File manager
  • Usage monitor
  • Firewall (CSF, Firewalld)
  • phpMyAdmin

Popular web hosting control panels

The following lists are most popular control panels available in the Internet.

  1. cPanel
  2. Plesk Panel
  3. Direct Admin
  4. Webmin / VirtualMin
  5. CentOS Web Panel

Best web hosting panels

The cPanel, Plesk are best web hosting panels however these are all paid panels. The cPanel is increased their cost tremendously in recent times. So many small to medium shared web hosting service providers find direct admin and Plesk panel cost effective.

Open Source hosting panels

CWP (CentOS Web Panel) is the best open source hosting panels available in the market. Few services are restricted by Pro modules for ex PHP Selector, Automatic Backup but comparing with other panels which includes many option security tools, Auto SSL etc. @ very low price 1.49$/month or 12$/year only which is most affordable by any startup webhosting providers.

Free web hosting with control panel

vvGudHost.com offers free web hosting with control panel Please check here for more details.