Here we are going to look in detail what are different types of web hosting services are provided by many hosting service providers and which one is suitable for your websites.

There are different types of hosting available for different purpose of users and website usage. These services are classified based on the computer resources.

What are computer resources?

The computer resources are nothing but a computer hardware devices used for hosting. The high resource usages requires more advanced hard devices.

  • CPU Core
  • Hard Disk
  • RAM
  • IP Address
  • Bandwidth ( Traffic)

Types of web hosting

  • Shared hosting
  • Private hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated Server hosting
  • Cloud hosting

Shared hosting

The shared hosting is the most economical and cost effective hosting service provided by many small to large hosting service providers. The resources Hard disk, Bandwidth, IP address RAM, CPU are shared among many users.

For ex, If the server is equipped with 16 GB RAM then, All users can utilize this memory by sharing however the provider may restrict users not utilizing not more than 1GB so that other users website will not be affected.

It is suitable hosting for Startup, personal , startup blogging and business sites which has less traffic ~5000/monthly

Private hosting

It is suitable hosting for WordPress, E-commerce, Medium traffic ~3000/day

VPS hosting

It is suitable hosting for Computer Applications for ex, billing softwares

Dedicated Server hosting